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Jun Furuta

Photo of Jun Furuta

Chief Sustainability Officer, Member of the Board and Senior Managing Executive Officer
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.

Date of birth: August 17, 1957
Appointment as a director of Meiji Holdings: June 2014
Number of Meiji Holdings' shares held: 6,272 (as of May 31, 2021)

As chief sustainability officer, Jun Furuta is responsible for balancing business growth and sustainability while guiding the Meiji Group's sustainability-related initiatives.

After joining Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd., in 1981, Jun began handling sustainability-related issues while gaining a broad range of experience, including accounting, business development, investor and public relations, and management of a subsidiary in the United States. Based on his extensive knowledge and experience, he was appointed as an executive officer of Meiji Co., Ltd., in 2013. In the following year, Jun joined Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.'s Board of Directors and was put in charge of investor and public relations. In that role, he actively engaged with international investors, enhanced the company's information disclosure, and promoted the Group's sustainability initiatives.

Jun spearheaded the creation of the Group's Sustainability 2026 Vision in 2018 and Sustainable Management Department in 2019, which he assumed leadership of as a managing executive officer. In 2020, in addition to being promoted to senior managing executive officer and assigned as a director of Meiji Co., Ltd., Jun was appointed as Meiji Holding's first chief sustainability officer. In that position, he initiated the Group's new long-term environmental vision, Green Engagement for 2050, and is focusing on measures to achieve its targets.