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At a Glance

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Meiji Milk Chocolate

An iconic brand in Japan for almost a century, Meiji Milk Chocolate is our flagship chocolate brand. Whether it's the classic chocolate bar, individually wrapped morsels, cubed or blocked, there's something sweet for everyone. Now a national brand, the comforting, rich, smooth taste of Meiji Milk Chocolate is never far away.

Photo of Meiji Milk Chocolate

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We Care About Our Ingredients

Photo of roasted cocoa beans
Cacao roasting

We create the delightful cacao aroma by carefully pairing our selection of cacao beans with the proper roasting techniques.

Photo of vanilla beans

Made from the highest quality vanilla beans, we source our premium vanilla extract from Madagascar.

Photo of Milk

Our carefully selected rich, raw milk blended with cacao creates an unforgettably smooth, balanced flavor.

We Support Farmers and Families in Ghana

We ethically and sustainably source premium cacao beans used in Meiji Milk Chocolate primarily from the Republic of Ghana, the world's second-largest cacao producer. Meiji has supported independent Ghanaian cocoa farmers and their children for more than ten years through donations that help build clean water wells, establish seedling centers, and provide art and chocolate-making classes.

Photo of Ghanaian people and Meiji employees

Loved for Nearly a Century

  • 1926–1927
    Photo of a package of Meiji Milk Chocolate from 1926-1927.
  • Previously a luxury delicacy, chocolate became something everyone could enjoy when we created Meiji Milk Chocolate on September 13th, 1926.

  • 1927–1942
    Photo of a package of Meiji Milk Chocolate from 1927-1942
  • Meiji Milk Chocolate brought more than smooth, delicious flavors to chocolate-lovers. We introduced a fun, new way to enjoy the product through redeemable prizes and rewards.

  • 1951–1958
    Photo of a package of Meiji Milk Chocolate from 1951-1958
  • After a ten-year hiatus during the war, Meiji resumed production and introduced renewed red wrapping paper to represent cheer and positivity.

  • 1966–2009
    Photo of a package of Meiji Milk Chocolate 1966-2009
  • Meiji Milk Chocolate's 50th anniversary.

  • 2009–
    Photo of a package of Meiji Milk Chocolate from 2009
  • Meiji redesigned the Milk Chocolate packaging for the first time in 43 years to feature our new corporate logo.


Product information follows Japanese food labeling standards.

Product information follows Japanese food labeling standards.

Meiji Milk Chocolate 50g
Contents: 50g
Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa mass, Whole milk powder, Cocoa butter/Emulsifier, Flavor (Contains Milk and Soybeans)
Storage: 28℃ or lower
Nutrition Information
per bar (50g)
Total carbohydrate26.7g
Dietary fiber2.2g
Sodium chloride0.065g
Cacao polyphenol343mg