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Sustainable Finance

Meiji Holdings issued sustainability bonds* (10th series of unsecured corporate bonds) through a public offering on Japanese markets in April 2021.

As food and health professionals, we strive to create new value and contribute through our business activities and environmental initiatives to the realization of a future society where all people can lead happy, healthy lives.

In the Meiji Group 2026 Vision, we position contributions to solving societal problems as one of our core policies. We drafted the Meiji Group Sustainability 2026 Vision to outline specific policies towards achieving this goal, and we are continuing to work towards its realization.

Meiji Group Sustainability 2026 Vision

Additionally, we outlined Meiji Green Engagement for 2050, our long-term environmental vision, in March 2021. We will collaborate with various stakeholders in four activity domains: Climate Change, Water Resources, Circular Economy, and Pollution Prevention, and our employees will proactively engage in activities that contribute to realizing a sustainable global environment.

We are actively making use of sustainable finance, based on the sustainability finance framework we set out in January 2021, to secure the capital necessary for realizing these visions of maximizing our contributions to solving societal problems.

* Sustainability bonds are bonds where the proceeds are used for (1) social projects (projects that contribute to solving societal problems), and (2) green projects (projects that have a positive effect on the environment).

Meiji Green Engagement for 2050

Sustainability Bonds Outline

Name Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.'s 10th series of unsecured corporate bonds
(Limited inter-bond pari passu rider)
(Sustainability Bonds)
Maturity: 5 years
Issue amount: JPY 10.0 billion
Coupon rate: 0.050%
Issue date: Friday, April 23, 2021
Use of proceeds:
  1. Sustainable cocoa bean procurement
  2. Supporting cocoa farmers (Meiji Cocoa Support)
  3. Energy saving and energy creation at domestic and overseas plants
  4. Securing and conserving domestic and overseas water resources
  5. Switching to environmentally friendly packaging (plastic - paper)
  6. Capital investments and R&D for initiatives related to infant nutrition (General infant formulas and special formulas)
  7. R&D and capital investments in infectious disease prevention
Bond rating AA- (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.)
Lead managers Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd., Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.
Structuring agent* Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

* An agent that supports the execution of sustainability finance by giving advice on both the formulation of sustainable finance frameworks, as well as on obtaining Second-Party Opinions.

Third-Party Assessment of Framework and Eligibility

For the purposes of issuing sustainability bonds, Meiji Holdings established a sustainable finance framework.* Upon its establishment, it received the highest possible rank (SU1(F)) from the third-party organization, Japan Credit Rating Agency.

* Sustainable Finance Framework (PDF 927KB)


Information concerning the allocation proceeds, as well as the environmental and social benefits that result, will be published annually on our website.